Linksys Extender Setup

Linksys Smart Wifi 

Linksys Smart Wifi

What is Linksys Smart Wifi? 

Linksys Smart Wifi allows you to access all your router’s features and settings. It is a platform where you can create an account and then easily login into your router to change the default settings. This account has various advanced features that help in securing your network from threats. Also to set up your router with a smart setup wizard, you need to create a Linksys Smart wifi account. 

How To Create a Smart Wifi Account? 

After creating an account, you can personalize your router settings and change the settings for Linksys Extender Setupwireless access, gaming, local network and more. So, follow the below-given steps for account creation: 

  1. You can launch any web browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc on your computer. You will find the browser icons on the desktop of your system. 
  2. Now, move your cursor and place it in the address bar. Type in the address bar and press the Enter key ON your keyboard. 
  3. Find the Create Account tab and click on it. The tab is placed at the upper-right corner of the homepage. 
  4. Enter Your first name. 
  5. In the next field, type your next name. 
  6. Enter a valid email address to get instant updates from Linksys
  7. Re-enter your email address into the next field in order to verify it.
  8. Provide a password to prevent your account from illegitimate access. Your password must meet all the password-specific requirements. It should contain between 8-128 characters, one uppercase and one lowercase letter, one number and special characters. 
  9. For confirmation, retype your password into the next field.
  10. Select the checkbox I have read and accepted the End User License Agreement, Terms of Service and Privacy Statement
  11. To finalize the process of account creation, click on the Create My Account tab given there.

Step-by-Step Procedure for Login

For Linksys Smart Wifi login, you have to establish a connection between your router and computer. So,  properly connect the ethernet cable to the one end of the router and another end of your device. 

Login to your account from the account confirmation mail: 

  1. Go to your mail inbox and open the Linksys mail.
  2. In the mail, click on the Reset Password link and it will redirect you to the Linksys smart wifi window.
  3. Enter your email address and password that is registered with the Linksys smart wifi account. 
  4. Tick the box “Remember Me” and click on the Sign button. Lastly, click on the Linksys Login button. 
  5. With this, you will see the Associate Router window on your screen. To link your router, you need to provide your router’s password i.e. admin into the given field. After that, select the OK button

Troubleshoot Linksys Wifi Login Issues 

Sometimes users might face issues while accessing the Linksys Smart Wifi page or at the time of Router login. Hence, go through the steps carefully  that are given below: 

  • First of all, check your internet connection. Make sure that you have connected to the correct network(SSID) i.e your Linksys router. If you have connected via ethernet cable, verify that the cable is not defective and properly attached. 
  • If you face problems in accessing, there might be an issue with your current web browser. In that case, delete the past history from your browser. Also, you can shift to a new web browser if the problem does not resolve. 
  • If you are unable to login to your router, ensure that you are providing registered and correct login details. If you forget your password, you may reset it by clicking on the “Forgot Your Password” link. 
  • In case the issue continues and you cannot log in to your router, delete the saved credentials from your windows computer.