Linksys Extender Setup

Linksys re6500 setup

Linksys re6500 Setup

Linksys re6500 is a desktop range extender that works by receiving the wireless signal from your router and spreads it everywhere including the dead zones. You can easily install the extender from the web-based setup page. It lets you connect your wireless devices directly to the extender with the help of an ethernet cable. In order to increase the speed of your network, you need to set up your Linksys extender Setup by following the given methods. 

Linksys re6500 Extender Features

Linksys re6500 setup 

  • Spot Finder Technology: Linksys Spot Finder Technology helps you to find the exact and correct location of your extender. If your extender is placed too close or too far from your router, this technology will find the optimal placement of your extender for getting the best signal strength.
  • Dual-band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz): The extender has a cross-band technology in order to provide high-speed data transfer between wireless devices and router. 
  • 4 Gigabit Ethernet Ports: The extender is equipped with 4 ethernet ports so that you can connect multiple devices such as laptop, computer and mobile directly to your extender. So, the extender enhances and boosts the speed of your home Wifi. 
  • Wireless Coverage Upto 10000 square feet: It is helpful in extending your network to nonexistent and hard-to-reach areas. Hence, you can expand the network all over your home by using Linksys re6500 extender.

Extender Configuration Using WPS Method

  • Locate and press the WPS button: 

You can set up your extender using the Wifi Protected System method easily. For this, you have to press the Wifi button on your extender first that you will find on the front panel of your extender. Then, wait for the lights to flicker. Once the light blinks, you just need to press the WPS button on your router. Your extender will now automatically start synchronizing with the network that you want to extend. Also, the LED lights on your extender become solid. 

  • Enter the WPS PIN or Router’s PIN: 

Alternatively, you can launch the Linksys extender setup website by typing in the address bar. Then, you will find the “Wireless” tab on the top of your screen. Click the same tab and you will be asked to provide either the WPS PIN or Router PIN for setting up your extender. After that, click on the Register button for Linksys re6500 setup. 

Setup Linksys re6500 from

For setting up your range extender through the website, you have to follow the below-mentioned instructions carefully: 

* Hardware Setup: 

  • Unpack your extender and the cables from its packaging completely. 
  • Then, properly connect the antennas of your extender in an upright position for Linksys re6500 setup. 
  • Connect the extender to the wall outlet. Then turn on your Linksys extender and wait for the power light to blink.

Make a Connection between your extender and computer

  • To connect your computer with the extender wirelessly, locate the default extender network name in the Wifi list on your computer, or mobile. Then, click Connect and move forward with the Linksys re6500 setup process. 
  • Alternatively, attach an ethernet cable from your extender to the device. Also, confirm that the cable is properly inserted and the device is connected to any Wifi. 

Launch the Linksys re6500 Setup Page and Configure your extender: 

  • Go to the web browser and type in the address bar. 
  • This will launch the Welcome window on your screen. Carefully read all the terms of the Linksys and then select the checkbox given there. 
  • To proceed further, click on the Start Setup tab given there. 
  • You will get the new window on your screen. Select either As a wired or wireless range extender and click Next. 
  • Now, it will start detecting your wireless network. Once your network is displayed on your screen, select it and then click Next. In case, if you have a hidden network, you need to enter your name and password manually. For that, click on the “Hidden Network” link and then provide the Wifi name and password into their respective fields. 
  • Then, users will be asked to provide the wireless network password. Enter your password into the given field and then click Next. 
  • Now, you will get a new window on your screen in which you can configure your extender settings. Here you can change the names of your extender as per your choice. Once you have finished this, click Next to continue with the Linksys re6500 setup. 
  • The next step involves creating an easy to remember administrative password in order to prevent your network from unofficial access. In the future, if you want to change your extender settings, you can modify them by using this password.
  • The Linksys re6500 Setup Complete window will be launched on your screen representing that your extender is successfully installed.